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This hardcover coffee-table book features more than 250 fabulous photos. Purchase your copy and experience the true spirit of the Florida Everglades today!

The Everglades WhereWonders Only Whisper By Bill Lea

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Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and stunning images of the Florida Everglades. Enduring more than a century of trials and tribulations, this great but vulnerable marsh still faces incredible odds. Yet one can find intoxicating bliss while in the company of the alluring birds, alligators, prairies, and swamps of The Everglades –WhereWonders Only Whisper.....



Photographing in the Everglades for more than 25 years has afforded this photographer incredible opportunities to observe and record the unique flora, fauna, and scenery of the area. Bill's photos reflect his deep appreciation for wildlife and wild places. When asked what he would like most to achieve through his photography, Bill replies, "I hope my images will promote a better understanding and appreciation for wildlife, the natural world, and most of all, our Creator."